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I’m a designer and operator with a passion for humanizing technology. I don't fit neatly in a mold, and my work covers a lot of ground; business, strategy, interaction, research, and futures. These days I focus on R&D, translating cutting-edge research into next-generation products and experiences.
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For the last 12+ years I’ve worked across sectors, successfully leading multi-functional teams though unconventional innovation challenges. Most recently I founded Humanistic, where we've generated hundreds of millions in IP for clients.
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I tend to noodle about different ways of thinking, and applying human/systems centred design as a form of problem solving. This has led me to develop new methods, frameworks, and software tools that support my work. Sometimes I talk about that stuff in the ideas section.
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Ideas and perspectives on the innovation praxis, human-computer interaction, parables based on industry experiences, and other general interests.
previous work
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Previous project work (that I can talk about). Much of this content must be redacted due to its sensitive nature.
info and history
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A concise timeline of where I've been and what I've been up to for the last 15+ years. It also provides a good picture as to the kinds of experiences I've had as a designer, technologist, and leader that shape how I work and what I work on.


These days I'm super interested the future of Search + AI, Automotive (In-car) Experiences, and new forms of human-computer interaction possible with Augmented and Virtual Reality. If these are things you're interested in too, hit me up by using contact section, or ping me on social media!

Mar 2023

Founder and CEO of Humanistic, where I led transformational projects with a talented team of multidisciplinary designers, researchers, strategists, and engineers in areas of strategic advisory, foresight, holistic research, and product/experience design. For more go to

May 2015

Managed the design team at Kinetic on internal and external projects, focussed on physical and digital experiences that leveraged emerging technologies. Also prototyped new service offerings, processes, and procedures for the wider org.

Apr 2014

Lead designer for a wide variety of complex and exploratory mobile products leveraging both digital and physical interactions. Client list includes the Fortune 500, major technology companies, and multiple Canadian and American financial institutions.

Nov 2011

Designed and prototyped next-gen physical smartphone and tablet accessories, chargers, earphones, and docks for their advanced portfolio concept design team. Was able to learn from some very wise ex-Nokia designers right before the fall.

Jan 2011

Studied Industrial Design at OCADU, one Canada's oldest and most venerable design institutions. Pedagogically, the school is based on the multi-disciplinary Bauhaus approach and serves as the foundation for many of the worlds leading design schools.
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