The Context

The project began with a comprehensive research "scan" on a wide range of topics, including engagement, altruistic giving, game mechanics, and reward systems. Layering on to this, the team and I conducted ethnographic interviews with users and senior members from every charity department, mapping out relevant systems, journeys, org structures, and the overall factors that drive successful charitable initiatives.

This extensive research work culminated in the delivery of structured strategic guidance that would systematically improve the charity's operations, data practices, and customer experience. In it, the team and I outlined a bold plan for a new data strategy, revenue model, and massive online impact tracker, which would boost engagement and create a more transparent (and rewarding) donorship experience.

While all this was happening, I worked with the team to administer my custom training programs to a hand-picked team of internal staff. Not only could they collaborate with us to help push the project forward, but they would go on to adopt our methods spreading design-thinking and problem-solving within their own respective teams at the organization.

By empowering the charity's staff with problem solving methods and human-centered ways of thinking, we were able to effectively imprint and cultivate a culture of creative problem-solving that would stand the test of time.

Methods & Activities
  • Ethnography, Observation, and User Research
  • Documentation and Literature Review
  • Market, Environment, and Horizon Scanning
  • Product, Portfolio and Innovation Strategy
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning, Roadmapping
  • Business Immersion, Value Web Modelling
  • Venture and New Business Design
  • Educational Courseware Design, Delivery
  • Journey/Experience Mapping, System Mapping
  • Process/Flow Diagramming
  • Generative, Co-creative Research Workshops
  • Stakeholder, Expert, SME Interviews
  • Service Design, Product Design
  • Interaction/UI/UX Design

This landmark engagement and investment in the organization's human capital not only supported the implementation of our strategic guidance, but also improved the organization's overall capacity to innovate and adapt to changing needs or circumstances in the future.

Through our collaboration, I taught a global charity organization how to unlock new possibilities for growth and impact, demonstrating the power of thoughtful design and research mindsets in driving bottom-up institutional change.

“It was like Matt and the Humanistic team downloaded their minds into 16 of our staff from across the organization. They taught us invaluable ways to think through problems, and ensured those learnings spread contagiously throughout the company. Pairing with our team, Humanistic led us to discover an entirely new revenue model and a way of operating that leverages data at its core. Our engagement with Humanistic enabled us to see beyond the problem to the underlying issues causing it.”
Kelvin Kang, CTO
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