The Context

I dove into this challenge by facilitating a series of in-depth experience capture and generative research workshops, with the aim of uncovering the deep nuance and hidden opportunities within the real estate transaction lifecycle.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complex process (and its various edge-cases), I was able to identify critical pain points, desired features, and a multitude of areas for overall improvement.

Ultimately this work led to a comprehensive reimagining of the software, including design solutions and interactions that significantly streamlined one of the most antiquated, manual, and paper-heavy processes for North Americans: buying and selling property.

Methods & Activities
  • Documentation and Literature Review
  • Market, Environment, and Horizon Scanning
  • Product, Portfolio and Innovation Strategy
  • Business Immersion, Value Web Modelling
  • Generative Research Workshops
  • Ethnography, Observation, and User Research
  • Journey/Experience Mapping
  • Flow/Process Mapping
  • Product Design, UI/UX
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing, Product Validation
  • Technical Documentation, Spec Writing
  • Venture and New Business Design
  • Strategic Product Roadmapping

The new Dealtap software became the first all-in-one transaction and contract management tool recognized by both the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). This groundbreaking software platform now fully addressed the initial customer issue and significantly elevated the overall user experience, leading to a more seamless and efficient real estate transaction process far beyond the current state.

In 2019, Dealtap's achievements were recognized and rewarded when the company was acquired by FCT (First Canada Title), marking a significant milestone for the real estate software and highlighting the value of our collaborative efforts in transforming the industry.

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