The Context

The team and I facilitated a series of rapid ideation cycles, in which we designed, built, and tested  prototype concepts for each of their mobile, laptop, desktop and tv systems—carefully evaluating user scenarios that spanned a diverse taxonomy of collaborative contexts.

From enabling seamless multi-user collaboration found in other popular apps like Figma and Miro, to accommodating a mix of in-person and remote team members, our prototypes were designed to facilitate smooth communication and teamwork between diverse devices, locales, and working styles.

We also tackled the often-daunting task of streamlining complex distributed file storage schemas, permissions, and edge-cases – making it easier for teams to access, share, and manage their work without getting bogged down in wrangling tedious technical management.

Methods & Activities
  • Foresight and Vision Development
  • Scenario and Uncertainty Planning
  • Market Trend and Driver Analysis
  • Ethnography, Observation, and User Research
  • Documentation and Literature Review
  • Market, Environment, and Horizon Scanning
  • Product, Portfolio and Innovation Strategy
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning, Roadmapping
  • Business Immersion, Value Web Modelling
  • R&D Research Commercialization
  • Journey/Experience Mapping, System Mapping
  • Process/Flow Diagramming
  • Venture and New Business Design
  • Speculative Futures Design
  • Stakeholder, Expert, SME Interviews
  • Service Design, Product Design
  • Interaction/UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping, Usability Testing
  • Demo Video Creation

Throughout the project, our design and research work led to the production of more than a dozen high-value patents related to the scenarios and operating system features.

The work also serves as a strong foundation for interaction design in the world of collaborative OS tools, resulting in groundbreaking interactions and features that A) redefine the way teams work together, regardless of their location or setup, and B) don’t yet exist in any other current operating systems.

We eagerly look forward to the day these are finally unveiled in well-known consumer operating systems.

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